Outer Banks Pet Friendly Condo and House Rental

The following is a list of Outer Banks pet friendly condo and home rentals. These companies have select condos and homes that are pet friendly. Be mindful that many people are highly allergic and rent specific homes because they do not allow pets. Many owners have allergies to pets as well. Some owners do not allow cats; some have restrictions on number or size of dog allowed, please read information carefully and call with any questions.

For a list of Outer Banks pet friendly hotel and motel establishments, click here.

Vacation rentals on Roanoke Island in quiet, residential areas
(252) 473-1170
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Clemons Cottage

1 cottage with two bedrooms
(252) 473-9870
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Colony Realty

Condo and cottage rentals on Hatteras Island
(800) 962-5256 (252) 995-5891
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Hatteras Realty

Over 500 vacation rental condos and homes on Hatteras Island
(800) 428-8372 (252) 995-5466
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Midgett Realty

More than 575 Hatteras Island vacation rentals
(800) 527-2903 (252) 986-2841
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Ocracoke Island Realty

A broad range of vacation rental accommodations on Ocracoke Island
(252) 928-6261
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Pirate's Cove Realty

Offers units at two different private boating community resorts
(800) 537-7245 (252) 473-6800
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Sun Realty

The largest selection of vacation rental condos and homes on the Outer Banks
(800) 334-4745
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Surf or Sound Realty

Rentals of vacation homes exclusively on Hatteras Island
(800) 237-1138
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Twiddy & Company Realtors

Choose from over 200 pet friendly vacation rentals on the Outer Banks.
(800) 489-4339 (252) 457-1100
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